The Albuquerque Overseas Balloon Fiesta: Worldwide’s Premier Hot Air Balloon Celebration Takes Romance to Brand New Heights

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The Albuquerque Overseas Balloon Fiesta: Worldwide’s Premier Hot Air Balloon Celebration Takes Romance to Brand New Heights

The Short Version: if you need the big date to remove, you will want to pay a visit to the Albuquerque Foreign Balloon Fiesta, an one-of-a-kind event in the middle of New Mexico. During the nine-day occasion in Oct, over 550 colorful and whimsical heat balloons release to the heavens and create an extraordinary picture for residents and vacationers as well. The Balloon Fiesta could be the planet’s biggest balloon festival (with well over 850,000 attendees), and it’s really regarding container listing of many flight enthusiasts, professional photographers, and globe people. Partners can linger all night conversing with pilots, learning about balloon travel, and appreciating distinctive shows and competitions in the 78-acre Balloon Fiesta Park. Since 1972, this first-class event has wowed attendees with coordinated launches, balloonist competitions, and nightly programs. Your love interest may be embroiled from the passionate and colorful atmosphere during the annual Balloon Fiesta.


Every Oct, numerous hot air balloons fill the Albuquerque air with color. A lot of partners take a seat on blankets or yard seats in an open field to watch groups of pro balloonists launch bright-colored, attractive balloons to the air. Lots of people on the ground trend for the happy folks operating aloft in a floating parade like no other.

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta supplies nine days of creative enjoyment. You can get a night out together and hang out for hours on end talking to pilots and seeing balloons of each color decide to try the skies. From early morning to later part of the evening, the festivities give men and women one thing to see and perform together. The Balloon Glow, AfterGlow™ Fireworks program, and various other nightly reveals dazzle attendees with gorgeous, high-tech presentations. Attendees can marvel at illuminated hot-air balloons since the sunshine decreases or enjoy a high-tech laser light show under a canopy of movie stars.

The yearly Balloon Fiesta is actually filled with fun things to do and view. You can spend 7 days a week viewing balloon rodeos, enjoying stay music, munching on road meals, and speaking with balloonists at the earth’s biggest balloon event.

Plus, if you’re looking for an effective way to sweep the time off his / her foot, it is possible to take a balloon experience with Rainbow Ryders. These are generally extremely sought after spots, which means you’ll need to book very early to reserve your own chair. Whether you’re truth be told there with your family or a romantic date, it’s easy to get overly enthusiastic (occasionally literally) in this dazzling nine-day occasion.

“It is an excellent household occasion,” stated Tom Garrity, a representative for your Balloon Fiesta. “It gives men and women together in many various ways, and it is a great proving floor for a primary time or a wedding offer.”

A 9-Day Event Uplifting People of All Ages Since 1972

In 1972, an Albuquerque radio station was about to achieve their 50th wedding, while the group desired to commemorate a la mode. They achieved over to a well-known regional pilot who collected his pals to introduce 13 hot-air balloons throughout the special day. On a definite mid-day, an excited group of journey enthusiasts stood in a shopping mall parking lot to look at the balloons decide to try the air. The big event had been very impressive and well-received that the organizers chose to enable it to be a yearly custom, developing it inside international affair that it’s these days.

Over time, it took on a lifetime of its very own, and today a nonprofit company, which includes 13 settled staffers and countless volunteers, organizes the yearly fiesta. Nowadays, the Balloon Fiesta launches over 550 hot-air balloons every Oct, weather permitting. This original occasion takes place at Balloon Fiesta Park, a 78-acre space where over 850,000 balloon lovers, sightseers, people, and partners collect to savor the greatest ballooning event all over the world.

The following Balloon Fiesta will begin Oct. 6, 2018 and manage until Oct. 14. General entry tickets cost ten dollars per person and include entry on the event in addition to all on-site activities throughout day or evening of your own check out. The playground starts at 4:30 a.m. every morning and once more at 3:30 p.m. for five evenings. In the event that you appear in the early morning, you need to purchase another common entry pass to come back in the evening.

In case you are driving to your event, you can shell out slightly additional for parking passes. The Balloon Fiesta now offers park-and-ride seats that include round-trip transportation to and from the Balloon Fiesta Park from five shuttle locations in town. Like that, you and your day can skip most of the traffic acquire straight away to the enjoyment part. You have to purchase these seats on the web prior to the occasion begins, and all passes are non-refundable.

550+ Balloons release in Early-Morning Mass Ascensions

The Albuquerque Global Balloon Fiesta states the name of the globe’s many photographed event, and it is easy to see why. Numerous heat balloons of most shapes and sizes drift over the sky like multi-colored clouds. You simply can’t observe that elsewhere. From crazy and cartoonish creations to more conventional checkered styles, the balloonists showcase their particular creativeness in hopes of impressing huge crowds of people of locals and visitors.

The function’s early-morning Mass Ascensions give folks reasons to wake up very early, down a walk, and head to the playground with a break fast burrito in hand. At 7 a.m. throughout the dot, professional balloonists coordinate with one another to introduce their own balloons one after another before air is stuffed with 550+ balloons. These launches occur on Saturday and Sunday of both vacations throughout the Balloon Fiesta.

The bulk Ascension is a breathtaking look and takes a significant amount of expertise and information to pull down. Nevertheless, the Balloon Fiesta features taught launch administrators, referred to as zebras due to their black-and-white uniforms, to make sure the function operates smoothly and safely.

The Balloon Fiesta is actually a conference like no other, therefore it is a great place to develop unique thoughts with this significant other. Throughout the occasion, you’ll walk one of the balloons and talk to the pilots, that only as well happy to explain the internal functions of flights. Their passion for ballooning is actually favorably transmittable, and individuals are unable to assist but be impressed because they remain among imposing balloons of all of the shades.

There is a whole lot to-do from sunup from sundown. Occasion attendees can enjoy a songs fiesta, film fest, chainsaw carving competitors, balloon rodeo, also unique products on the fairgrounds. Over 90 sellers and concession appears on Concession Row tempt individuals grab a snack or a souvenir while they tour the region.

Require a discussion beginning? Then you can visit the north end of Main Street where the Balloon finding Center showcases entertaining displays that describe the history of ballooning while the technology behind how it operates. Over 30,000 visitors visit this academic center each year, making it widely known destination in the festival.

“you don’t need to end up being a pilot to understand what’s happening right here,” Tom said. “individuals from various different experiences started to the Balloon Fiesta because they just love trip.”

Over 850,000 men and women love a One-of-a-Kind Experience

From the release of Dawn Patrol at 6 a.m. with the fireworks spectacular at 8 p.m., the Balloon Fiesta provides an action-packed day’s awe-inspiring shows and memorable views. Over 850,000 individuals attend the nine-day occasion, and they come away knowing they will have saw anything special.

“This was some thing we were truly looking towards, and it wouldn’t disappoint,” mentioned Denise Hudson-Kammerer in a Twitter overview. “remarkable and significantly intimidating. It really is really worth the journey. I recommend this to any or all.”

“the absolute most dazzling balloon event could actually ever see!” — Jamie intense, an attendee in the 2017 Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque

“One of the best experiences of my life,” stated Valenzano Bergquist eagerly. “Not only to witness the fantastic balloons in the air, increasing floating around, the night glows… but to stay in a balloon ended up being one excellent time!”

Cesar Quezada stated the guy appears forward to the Balloon Fiesta annually. “It’s one of the best activities to do in brand-new Mexico!” he stated. “i really like the balloons, the vendors, the weather, and simply the entire feeling of this occasion.”

Lots of people over time have decided to take advantage of the Balloon Fiesta’s enchanting atmosphere by proposing to a substantial different or planning a marriage at the event. Nik West, a bassist who once established for Prince, revealed she intends to enter wedlock at the Balloon Fiesta. The purple-haired bride will have a non-traditional wedding surrounded by hundreds of hot air balloons.

“it is not unusual for all of us to own a number of wedding occasions in the Balloon Fiesta,” Tom said. “Who doesn’t want receive hitched and travel off inside future on a hot air balloon?”

Arrange a Memorable Date during the Balloon Fiesta

If you are in Albuquerque around mid-October, what you need to perform is actually expect the heavens feeling a sense of question. From around the city, you can see a huge selection of hot air balloons floating from the backdrop of the Sandia Mountains.

It is possible to embark on a lighthearted big date within Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta and view spectacular sights from the soil and from environment. This nine-day extravaganza wows individuals of all age groups. In the morning, as 550+ balloons take-off one after another, a sense of admiration descends upon attendees. After that, through the night, partners snuggle up together under covers as park becomes aglow because of the light of propane fireplaces from a huge selection of static balloons.

The Balloon Fiesta offers an enjoyable, vibrant, and unique big date location for lovers looking for one thing outside the flat dinner-and-movie regimen. Be it the first date or your own 40th wedding anniversary, you’ll have a phenomenal time consuming the sights with the Balloon Fiesta.

“The romanticism of trip is undeniable,” Tom said. “When you remove, you have got no clue for which you’ll secure. That produces countless spontaneity and enjoyment. That’s what makes balloon trip this type of a favorite day task.”

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