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Rehabilitation Programme

The Arthros Center is recognized for producing consistently exceptional patient outcomes. Individualized treatment and minimally invasive procedures frequently result in reduced blood loss, less pain and faster recovery.

We implemented the Comprehensive Joint Replacement Program, including our Continuum of Care. Now more than 70% of our joint replacement patients go directly home after recovery -confident in their skills and prepared to return to an independent environment. Collaborative efforts between our surgical team, orthopaedic unit and on-site therapists, help shape these outstanding results.

For many patients, integrated exercise programs are part of their post- operative care. Outpatient Rehabilitation Services at the Arthros Center at Sahaj Hospital offers specialized programs meet a wide variety of patient needs including Balance/Fall Risk Reduction and Group therapy (Knee club) Rehabilitation.

At Arthros Clinic Sport Specific Rehabilitation, we understand athletes. That’s why we’ve designed an entire range of sport-specific rehabilitation and performance programs to help you – no matter your game, skill level or condition.

Whether you’ve been injured or simply want to improve your performance, we’ve assembled a team of all the experts you’ll need: physical therapists, athletic trainers, exercise physiologists, physical therapy assistants, certified strength and conditioning specialists, and sports physicians.

We have dedicated team of skilled & qualified physiotherapist for patients with degenerated joint diseases & patients who underwent sports surgeries.

We provide a unique service for patients where physiotherapy assessment is integrated into the consultant review process on initial and subsequent assessments. This allows uS to monitor and guide patients’ rehabilitation in detail to ensure the best outcome