Arthroscopic reconstruction of chronic ACL injury

Pectoralis muscle tear of national wrestler referred from Mumbai – successful repair done by sports injury specialist Dr.Vinay Tantuway at Arthroscopy & sports medicine center, Indore
August 23, 2014
Compound lower limb fracture with multiple knee ligament injury and vascular complications. Phasic management involving external fixator,surgical nailing and arthroscopic reconstruction of ligaments.
November 17, 2014
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Arthroscopic reconstruction of chronic ACL injury

A 27 year old male,occupation former presented with history of RTA 1 year back. Clinically diagnosed Acl ligament ruptured.
Management:-arthroscopic reconstruction done by Dr VinayTantuway and 6 month rehabilitation done .
His ligament is perfectly healed .x-ray after 6 month


His Ikdc score improved
Pre op 40.2
Post op 92

After 6 month patient performing active and healthy life with+5 strength of quads and good stability of knee.

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